Lufthansa Lounge, T2 Heathrow Airport

When German airline Lufthansa relocated its flight operations to the new Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport, the company also opened its largest lounge outside Germany. To provide a superior travel experience for passengers and improved working environment for employees, MAP (Motorised Air Products Ltd) supplied an array of diffusers as part of a high performance ventilation system.

Located in Heathrow’s newest terminal, also known as The Queen’s Terminal, the new 1,600m2 lounge offers comfortable seating and facilities for up to 350 travellers. To create an open, airy atmosphere and maintain the aesthetic of the partially-exposed panelled ceiling, MAP designed and specified a ventilation system including LDB linear diffusers and DLA swirl diffusers.

Installed by specialist contractor RSE Building Services Ltd, the diffusers were cleverly integrated behind the ceiling panels, into tiles and onto the bulkhead to minimise visual impact and maintain a consistent temperature.

The LDBs allow treated air to be distributed precisely within the room to ensure both thermal and acoustic comfort. Comprising a number of slot nozzles with an optimised interior and profile contour, these were mounted into the aluminium frame and can be adjusted individually to permit a large number of flow patterns.

To complete the specification, MAP supplied an additional 30 x DLA diffusers. As DLA diffusers are easily adjustable the patterns can be set to suit varying room conditions, even after installation. The highly inductive, fanned rotational flow makes it possible to handle high cooling loads and still maintain comfortable air conditions.

Christian Schindler, Lufthansa General Manager UK & Ireland, said: “The Queen´s Terminal sets completely new standards in customer service and seamless travel for passengers at London Heathrow thanks to its modern airport infrastructure. The terminal’s design, with its open, airy atmosphere, will vastly improve the customer experience at Heathrow.”

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